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Plumping pipes have existed in various incarnations for thousands of years. The earliest formations were said to be found in the Indus Valley Civilization around 2300 B.C. These pipes were made of commonly baked clay and stone. Allies were dedicated to waste removal and the urban layout lead many archeologists to believe that there were ancient forms of urban planning or potentially layout associated with a religious ritual.

In the modern era we distinguish potable water plumbing pipes from the black or grey water pipes that do not need to be held to as high of sanitary standards. For the water we drink with and regard as purified by the local water utility company, it is usually piped in copper, brass, plastic or another nontoxic material. However, for the black water, which contains human waste, or grey water, which contains cleaning liquids or solids, the pipes do not need to be nontoxic, but similarly minimally toxic. For that reason a wide variety of other materials are used such as plastic, steel, cast-iron and lead. Lead is expressly banned in potable water pipes, but permitted in the later because of the fact that the water will be filtered in some way prior to any human contact.

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