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Plumbing SuppliesHello and welcome to! Here we strive to map out the complexities differentiating the multiplicity of literature on the web concerning plumbing supplies, fixtures, and fittings. The plumbing world is notorious complex, but with s common understanding of the basics of fixtures, fittings and their all-important interactions you can begin to understand how what connects to which and why. We’ll spend our time here explaining an unpacking the terminology in a concise, yet easy to understand format. We hope you take advantage of the original research that went into our site,!

Before we launch into the basis of our site, a simple side not should be mentioned in accord with our mission statement. At, we are completely unaffiliated with any specific product or company. What this means to you is that the research we do is purely informational. We are not going to be pushing any product or product line, hoping that you’ll buy something from us at the end of an article. We only provide topical information on the numerous different categories and divisions of plumbing supplies, fixtures, and fittings in the hope that you will emerge from a reading of our site with a greater understand and appreciation for the historical development and modern engineering that goes into something as routine and mundane as an air admittance valve. Go ahead and see what we’re all about, the rest of this page will be devoted to summarizing our included content.

The history of plumbing is fairly recent and stems from the development of public health as a primary concern in urban centers. Planning lead to the invention of sewers to exhaust waste from the city premises to prevent a cesspool or other disease prone area from loitering in high population density centers. For that reason, sewers were really the first forms of plumbing. The FAQ section and subsequent sections all try to tap into where the plumbing comes from and why the specific area is relevant to the overall term of plumbing supplies.

The use of piping and heated/cooled water circulation can be traced to the ancient roman bath system. Heated water was pumped in various ways beneath the flooring. The subterranean approach lead to the development plumbing for things other than baths in exotic locations. The toilet was the first ubiquitously installed plumbing fixture at the turn of the century, when outhouses were on their way out.  After that, having water pumped directly into your home became a common item and plumbing supplies flourished. From then on the uses of water in the home diversified with the explosion of the number of fixtures available.

Still the fittings proved to be complicated. Since individual plumbers dominated various regions of the areas they served, they used the supplies most commonly available to them. In some instance this mean more lead piping that average, or perhaps an abundance of one-half inch piping. For this reason a standardizing committee was formed and the measurements for all the various sizes of pipes and threading were normalized to decrease the potential discrepancies. Because some of the plumbing that is done is so very specific to a millimeter it was important to standardize the building of the equipment that is used to be sure that they will be capable of being installed anywhere. The pieces are so specific that laser engravers will etch the exact specifications of a given fitting onto the side so that it is permanently at hand.

This page is meant to map out the column on the left and the various topics we will cover. We hope you’ll look through them to discover for yourself what unbiased reporting is. If you’re crunched on time, or just what a tidbit of information, the FAQ section is a great place to start. Thank you for visiting us at!


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